Convert Old Microfilm/Fiche into Today's Technology

For those “in the know” properly maintaining a microfilm/fiche based records system can be as inefficient as paper based systems…if not more so.

Special storage cabinets may be required which take up expensive floor space and are costly to purchase. Retrieval costs are increased by the time taken to locate each and every required file. Filing time is exasperated by the need to index on special cards - this all contributes to higher costs and poor time management. Often this can also require the use of a labour/skills specialist.

The solution is to convert microfilm/fiche with Document Scanning services from ECL. We will help you eliminate the inefficiencies and transform this type of record keeping/retrieval into the 21st Century.

Your office environment will be invigorated by freeing-up space, as will your productivity through speedier and more direct access to information you need.

Our service will allow your organisation to use state-of-art capture technology and digitise both the historic and current.

Any type of Microfilm/Fiche can be converted

Existing or legacy systems can be converted into any number of formats to suit your purposes and enable staff to access information with ease.

Conversion can be applied to:

  • Microfilm (16mm or 35mm)
  • Microfiche
  • 105mm microfiche
  • Jacketed microfiche
  • All Aperture cards






We have worked with clients large and small across the UK, and experience has shown that our solutions are highly competitive.

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