Scanning Large Formats Documents

Organisations that require the retention of large drawings or artworks, or indeed any large documents will understand the amount of space that is required to store them. Typically this applies within the Construction, Engineering and Architecture industries but can be equally  applicable to any business.

The Document Scanning bureau services of ECL will collect, scan and then create digital formats of these large format documents so that they can be stored electronically, allowing immediate access at the touch of a button. This negates the need to handle large, unwieldy pieces of paper, which may be buried somewhere in the bottom of a space consuming plans cabinet.

Our technology scanners can manage greyscale, black and white or full colour documents and deliver high resolutions conversions. Users can choose their format of choice including  PDF, TIFF, or JPG files. Online document storage is also compliant with the relevant legislation that may govern certain industries.

Collect, scan and return service

The Document Scanning service is just that - A service.  We will collect your documents, ensuring their safekeeping whilst in our possession, scan and retain a back up copy. We can even arranging for their appropriate disposal or storage if this is required. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.






We have worked with clients large and small across the UK, and experience has shown that our solutions are highly competitive.

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