Back Scanning Archived Documents

Consider the cost of traditional paper based archiving - the space it uses, and the time it takes to access.

Frequently, that which is held in archives is business critical information and is regularly visited to access records required.

The Document Scanning service of ECL provides back scanning services that captures archived documents and converts them into digital formats.  This allows you more efficient access and integration with current documents. Back or Archive scanning will provide effective savings in space and time, reducing storage costs and the cost of retrieving data/information every single day.

Collect, scan and return service

The Document Scanning service is just that; a service. We will collect your archived documents (no matter how large) ensuring safekeeping whilst in our possession, backing up and even arranging appropriate and environmentally friendly disposal if required.






We have worked with clients large and small across the UK, and experience has shown that our solutions are highly competitive.

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