Online Document Storage and Back-Up

ECL’s Document Hosting is a secure, web-based Document Management system delivering security, availability and reliability.

The Document Hosting system from ECL employs a unique ‘cloud-based ‘solution that enables businesses to easily access their files either locally, nationally or globally. This in turn facilitates the smooth running of daily operations in so many respects, but just for example; less time is spent searching for that ellsuive paper doccument and susequently preparing it to be shared.

Electonic Document Hosting also contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategies through increasing environmental efficacy - it stands to reason that less paper equals less space and so an improved carbon footprint.

You can securely share files with colleagues, clients or partners, across the firewalls, with appropriate audit trails, version histories and within your 'permissions' protocols.

Online Security Features

  • Disaster Recovery with off-site backups
  • SSL encryption
  • Version history with check-in/check-out
  • Secure file sharing
  • Folder access control
  • Restricted access control
  • No VPN is required






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