Data and Document Disposal is Serious Business

Simply throwing documents in the bin is no longer viable option in today’s business environment. Nowadays there are significant legal obligations associated to the appropriate disposal of documentation with data confidentiality/security frequently highlighted within the media as issue of public concern.

Increasingly Governmental legislation means businesses face significant consequences if they do not comply with confidential records management and data destruction requirements.

Many organisations are also obliged to meet ‘green’ or environmental policies as part of their CSR strategy

The Document Scanning service of ECL includes comprehensive document disposal services and full document destruction programmes designed and personalised to suit your business.

We will collect your paper documents, hard drives, disks, DVDs/CDs that are ready for disposal, daily if required, and then we dispose of them appropriately principally by shredding them at one of our secure facilities.


Why outsource document disposal

  • Security - from collection to disposal
  • Compliance - we assist you to remain compliant and will provide certificates of destruction plus tracking records
  • Increased employee productivity - minimise the time you might spend in managing the process internally
  • Solution that is fit for purpose – your purpose
  • UK coverage
  • Green Footprint






We have worked with clients large and small across the UK, and experience has shown that our solutions are highly competitive.

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