Document Hosting Tailored to Industry Sectors

Over the last ten years we have developed and honed our Document Hosting and Management services in regard to specific industry and business sectors.

Our document management consultants have worked in many industry sectors, as well as public sector bodies, in identifying the challenges of their business and providing cost effective document solutions.

However the Document Hosting services from ECL are suitable for all businesses be they multi-location or single site operations.

Some examples of specific industry applications follow below.

Financial Services

By introducing a cost and time effective solution, financial institutions and departments all over the UK look to Document Hosting from ECL to maintain and preserve financial documents in consideration to the financial industry's security and compliance regulations.

Human Resources

Human Resource professionals can spend a significant amount of their work time literally handling hundreds of documents and files. The Document Hosting services from ECL help organisations and their HR departments manage and retrieve files within seconds so helping with overall operational efficiency.

Our solutions ensure private information is kept confidential, whilst allowing predefined access rights for your team members

Solicitors and Legal Practices

The importance of correct documentation within the legal services industry can be mission critical. The Document Hosting services from ECL help practices manage and take control of legal information. Our ‘Google-like’ search tool facilitates your staff to find information embedded within the document repository, thereby simplifying and streamlining previously complicated operations.

Healthcare and Health

The efficient management of information such as patient records helps reduce costs, minimise demands on staff time, and ensure compliance within the practice. Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you the focus of those in the healthcare industry is patient care. Document Hosting services from ECL help release your staff from unnecessary bureaucracy and time consuming paper-chasing allowing them to do what they do best.

Public Sector

Our experience and knowledge within the public sector has helped us develop Document Management systems that facilitate a traditional paper-heavy environment to be more efficient, more streamlined and less cumbersome.

The Document Hosting services of ECL are designed to deliver solutions that fit the needs of the public sector because fundamentally we understand the challenges of their documentation systems.






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