Document Synergy – Client Testimonials

Here are some references kindly supplied by existing Document Synergy clients:


Over the past 10 years ECL has provided NHS Shared Business Services with excellent software solutions, application support and consultancy services. The relationship started out with the supply and implementation of an automated invoice processing system capable of dealing with the large volumes (monthly average of 600k images) of data retrieved and filed each day, whilst allowing secure and controlled off-site access.

Not only were we able to make enormous cost-reductions, but we decreased overall processing time and increased document security and traceability. We have seen a lot of progress from ECL since then and we are confident that we are working with the  best possible partner when it comes to our document management needs.


With documents arriving from all around the world, needing to be processed swiftly and securely, we were looking for a partner whom we could rely upon to perform this task to the highest standards.

For more than 15 years BP has been using ECL’s Document Synergy services and we could not be happier with the results. Whether it is physical paper or electronic data reaching their scanning & data extraction facilities, we know that our staff located in many locations around the globe are able to access these documents within a set time-frame for further processing.

ECL’s services are an essential part in our operations and have enabled us to streamline our internal processes, serve our clients better and increase our environmental endeavours.

The Furness Building Society

The Furness Building Society has head offices located in Barrow in the North West of England, the Furness Building Society serves the region through ten branches offering its range of financial services.

The Society uses ECL's Synergy to provide document processing at head office. With a dedicated mirrored system on constant standby housed at the ECL data facility in Manchester. ECL protects the Society against loss of access to this mission critical system.

"Synergy has completely revolutionised the way we work. If we had to be without it we would struggle".






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