Document Synergy is Document Management

A sophisticated version management utility that facilitates a collaborative work environment and enhances productivity by allowing authorised users to “check out” document images and make content modifications such as notes and annotations. Modified document images are then “checked in” and automatically become the most current version available for holistic access. Proven security features ensure that only authorized users can modify document images and that modifications can be automatically tracked creating a valid audit trail. Users can also conduct audits for critical documents missing from a group or “set” of documents.

When combined with other Synergy modules, this solution creates a true productivity suite. The Synergy Document Tracking module provides a complete system for the efficient management of set of information. This module uses electronic checklists to help manage and track groups of documents such as loans and patient or legal portfolios. Electronic access provides the ability to search and summarize the status of checklists instantly in multiple views. Document Tracking is an instrumental module that helps with identifying compliance issues and reducing risk. Synergy eDistribution sends notices for missing, coming due and past due items, and Synergy Workflow flows checklists for business processes.

Synergy Document Management is another innovative ECM solution that generates material operating efficiencies, expedites research, enhances customer service and convenience, streamlines information access and distribution, reduces labour, postage, and operating costs

Document Synergy Features

  • Provides an organisation-wide electronic knowledge management solution that leverages state-of-the-art imaging and storage technology to automate document capture, retrieval, and distribution
  • Provides immediate, accurate document search and retrieval
  • Supports all types of media including scanned documents, e-mails and attachments, photos, Microsoft Word and Excel files, etc.
  • Captures documents in a centralised, decentralised, or combination environment
  • Integrates with other Synergy modules such as Synergy Document Tracking, Synergy eDistribution, and Synergy Workflow to offer robust, comprehensive document management features
  • Provides access to documents via Internet, LAN, or WAN
  • Provides full information access via Internet Explorer® and applies all associated security rules/permissions
  • Provides a sophisticated, secure version management utility that allows authorised users to "check out" document images, make content modifications such as notes and annotations, and "check in" modified document images
  • Tracks and logs modifications providing a valid audit trail
  • Provides security masks to protect sensitive information from unauthorised viewing
  • Provides cut and paste capabilities that allow the easy, secure exporting of customer-facing content into Microsoft Word and Excel documents, e-mails, and form letters
  • Provides the ability to open related information with a single mouse click

Document Synergy Benefits

  • Provides an efficient single point of access to documents across the whole organisation
  • Provides immediate, accurate document search and retrieval
  • Eliminates lost or misplaced documents
  • Enhances customer service with the ability to expedite responses with immediate document access and retrieval
  • Strengthens internal controls through auditing user operations such as the add, delete, modify, and report security functions at the index and page levels
  • Streamlines preparations for regulatory issues
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces printing costs
  • Eliminates microfilm/fiche and paper-based storage






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