Electronic Distribution of Information

Our electronic distribution tool is called “Synergy eDistribution”. It improves operating efficiency and productivity by automating the scheduling and electronic delivery of statements, notices, entire reports, and other documents. This solution also works in conjunction with the Synergy Document Tracking Module, and so leverages a fully automated scheduling system to support both one-time and recurring communication.

Synergy eDistribution provides two delivery alternatives. The electronic documents can be delivered as attached PDFs (optionally encrypted) or as e-mail notifications of document availability with a link to the customer’s Internet site. This solution also supports HTML based e- mail content for enhanced presentation.

Synergy eDistribution is another innovative ECL solution that provides you with direct and material operating efficiencies, expedites research, enhances customer service and convenience, streamlines information access and distribution, and reduces your labour, postage, and operating costs.

This innovative solution can also be used as a cost-effective promotional channel that converts traditionally printed information material into electronic product and service promotions. Additionally, Synergy eDistribution serves as a powerful communication channel for both employees and customers.

Document Synergy Workflow Management Features

  • Revolutionises organisation-wide workflow by automatically routing electronic documents to key personnel throughout various departments
  • Allows automated workflow to mirror established processes
  • Deploys an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create and maintain dynamic workflows
  • Provides parallel processing that enables multiple users to access the same document or set of documents, and simultaneously perform their respective tasks securely
  • Provides the ability to automatically route documents when an assigned task is completed
  • Generates automatic e-mail notifications that specific tasks are complete, need to be completed, or have exceeded the time allowed for completion
  • Allows managers to easily monitor workflow progress with the ability to make automatic or immediate manual realignments
  • Allows work to be equally distributed by automatically assigning a specific percentage of work to each individual or assigning work to associates with the smaller workloads
  • Automatically accounts for holidays, planned holidays, work shifts, and any other scheduling exceptions
  • Supports the regulatory requirements governing security with sensitive documents

Document Synergy Workflow Management Benefits

  • Streamlines and standardises business processes and procedures
  • Supports dynamic operational environments and business goals
  • Improves operating efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Enhances customer service
  • Strengthens internal controls via documentation of internal business processes






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