Document Synergy Export – DataMart

Synergy DataMart Export provides the advanced functionality to perform simple data analysis with the ability to automatically extract and import ‘cold’ report data into the leading SQL-based database management applications. The extracts can be based on user-defined templates and user-defined intervals including daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand. The extracted data also can be accessed using popular data mining solutions such as Business Objects®, Monarch® or Microsoft® Excel.

Synergy DataMart is another innovative ECL solution that generates material operating efficiencies, expedites research, enhances customer service and convenience, streamlines information access and distribution, and reduces labour, postage, and operating costs.

Document Synergy DataMart Features

  • Extracts and imports ‘cold’ report data into leading database management applications
  • Allows for automated extraction of ‘cold’ report data as new data is loaded
  • Creates extracts based on customer-defined templates
  • Provides access to the extracted data using popular data mining solutions such as Business Objects.

Document Synergy DataMart Benefits

  • Provides an efficient single point of access to organisation-wide  reports
  • Provides immediate, accurate search and retrieval
  • Eliminates lost/misplaced reports
  • Enhances customer service with the ability to expedite response via immediate report access and retrieval
  • Strengthens internal controls through auditing user operations such as report load, delete, and export and report security at the index on the page
  • Streamlines preparations for regulatory examinations
  • Enhances productivity
  • Eliminates microfiche, microfilm, and paper storage systems






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